InstantVPS.Asia Official Launching Promo with 50% Discount Storewide


This October, in conjunction with the official launch of InstantVPS.Asia, we are excited to announce that all the prices you can find on this website will be slashed into HALF, or BY 50%!!!

While many still refuse to believe the impossible massive discounts we are able to give, quite a number of our valued customers have already signed up for the unbeatable prices you can find on this website.

At InstantVPS.Asia, commitment is our hallmark, expertise is our nickname, and good service is our reputation. In fact, we are the latest brainchild of Exabytes, a web hosting company with 10 years of experience in serving its hosting clients worldwide. We bridge the gap between West and East, South America and Asia, Europe and Asia, etc. No matter where you are, if you are outside of Asia and crave for a stronger business presence and the ease of doing business in Asia, we assure you that you can GREATLY BENEFIT from InstantVPS.Asia!

WAIT NO MORE! Grab your share of our unrivalled prices TODAY by browsing for your desired package NOW. Remember, our massive discount is storewide!

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