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About InstantIT.Asia

InstantIT.Asia is a leading IT hosting provider founded in 2010. Being the leader in South East Asia, we aimed to lead the industry market in whole Asia by 2012. We caters for the services and solution designed to meet the IT solution needs and the rich media needs of the 21st century Internet.

InstantIT.Asia offers the unbeatable VPS solution from Xen Hypervisor and Window’s Hyper-V virtualization, highly scalable managed and one of the broadest and most innovative ranges of content delivery network(CDN) technologies in the Asia industry. Our CDN services or is tailored specifically to delivering large media files that will continue to be the driving factor behind the exponential growth in consumer IP traffic in Asia and bridging the network to US and Europe country with our extensive international pipe of network and vast peering servers.

InstantIT.Asia is a wholly owned subsidiary InstantIT.Asia is an IT Hosting-as-a-Service (HaaS) division fully owned and managed by Exabytes Network Private Limited ~ a privately held and for-profit company registered in Singapore & Malaysia. Exabytes is founded during the booming age of Internet and quickly became one of the largest web hosting companies in the South East Asia region. Exabytes leads the authority and innovator in the field of digital content delivery over the Internet.

Since Year 2001, Exabytes has specialized in providing reliable and affordable shared webhosting, dedicated server hosting, reseller hosting, domain names, SSL web certificate, e-commerce, website builders, Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Content Delivery Network (CDN).

InstantIT.Asia serves as the portal for all its Instant-as-a-Service (IaaS) products.

Currently available:


  • InstantDomain.Asia – Coming Soon
  • InstantWebsite.Asia – Coming Soon
  • InstantWebSSL.Asia – Coming Soon
  • InstantAlert.Asia – Coming Soon


Why Choose Us ?


  • Instant = On Demand

Your order will be provisioned instantly upon payment confirmation and after your account has been verified. Save you time and money!

  • IT = IT Hosting As a Service

You don’t have to buy or invest on any hardware. We offer you the server and related hardware and you only subscribe as a service. Reduce your capital investment and save more!

  • .Asia = From Asia, To The World

Your server will be hosted at our secured, state-of-the-art, natural-disaster-free data center located in Asia. Gives you peace of mind.


Quick facts about Exabytes

Quick facts about Exabytes:

  • Year Founded: 2001
  • Total Active Clients: 34,000+ and still growing day by day
  • Total Domains Hosted: 100,000+ and still growing day by day
  • Total Email Accounts Hosted: 800,000+ and still growing day by day
  • Total Hard Drives Storage: 300TB and still growing day by day
  • Total Servers: 400+ and still growing day by day

We pride ourselves on our round-the-clock 24×7 professional technical assistance, extensive experience in the hosting industry, technical know-how and the most competitive hosting price provided to our valued clients.

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